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My pham lam dep Kellymore

Cleansing Series


Series Kellymore "Cleansing Series" for sensitive skin, this product line contains pure and clean water supplies to help protect your skin always clean, moisture retention and skin to skin become pure, soft and bright radiance. . .

Whitening Series


Series Kellymore "Whitening Series" for healthy skin, natural pink and white, smooth as silk, concurrency control and prevent the formation of wrinkles, anti aging, maintaining lasting freshness, there filtering capabilities, characteristics of the kind of dark skin ...


Refreshing Series


Kellymore specific product line and anti-aging treatment "Refreshing Series". Pure energy from natural herbal soaks deep into the skin layers, smooth skin, anti aging, maintain long-lasting freshness and characteristics of the type of skin discoloration ...


Comfort Series

Kellymore product line "Comfort Live Series" soaks deep into the skin layers, for healthy skin, bright and smooth, and anti aging and maintaining lasting freshness. Special kinds of oily skin, acne, skin, weak, sensitive, combination skin and dry skin dehydration. . .


Doasa anti aging


The advent of 9 + GF capsules is the latest breakthrough cosmetic industry makes cosmetic industry legends turn to a new book with a new record. Primary Use of 9 + GF is to beautify the skin, soft skin and minimize pores. . .


Doasa special treatment

Current Special Treatment Products Doasa - 9 + G technology, which is extracted from the quarterly all-natural product - not just for skin care and maintain youthful skin, but also used as medicine record-breaking anti-aging in humans...

Doasa equipment

Massage Machine Doasa ultra sound waves, to lighten the skin by means of ultra-sound wave therapy. The device works with 3 light function, which helps the product penetrates deep into the skin. Exfoliating tools to inform MTS pores absorbed into the skin to support ...


HA Drink - hyaluronic acid

  TPCN -  HA Drink  mang lại hiệu quả cao cho chức năng sinh lý của cơ thể con người. tăng cường độ ẩm và làm trẻ hóa làn da, ngăn ngừa triệu chứng loãng xương, kích thích hoóc môn sản xuất chất nhờn bôi trơn cơ khớp, tăng cường sức khỏe, cải thiện chức năng sinh lý.